Benefits of Working with Us

27 March 2012

Dedicated: I am dedicated to working on your project with as much commitment as I would direct to my own home.

Creative: With my 40 years of experience building, painting, sculpting, and printing I always see opportunities and solutions for creating completely compatible new spaces.

Integrity: building projects always create the opportunity to visit new ideas and I am committed to earning your trust and keeping your best interests as my primary focus.

Tidy: At the end of every day I clean up, stack wood, remove garbage so that my impact on your space is as small as possible.

Personable: I enjoy being optimistic, expecting the best and enjoying myself, so that I can positively impact everyone I contact.

Excellence: With every project I work to bring my best ideas to bear on your vision for your home.

Bespoke: Is a European term meaning exclusive, special, custom.  This is what I endeavor to do in each home and project I undertake.

Unique: Each home and family I team with is special and has unique desires and goals which I work to create with your direction.

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