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Your Happy Home

“Your Happy Home”

Do you have a house or a home?  When you walk through the front door are your spirits lifted, do you feel at peace, calm?  Do you know anyone who has a home that gives you this kind of feeling?

Would you like to learn how this is done?

Some people can get this feeling in their homes because they have a “magic eye”, they can choose the right color, they can put the chair in the right place, choose the right picture.  Another way to do this is through the study of “Feng Shui”.

Feng Shui is the practice of creating a happy living environment within the home – one that is positive and beneficial at all times.  The Chinese have known and  practiced this skill for several thousand years.

Good Feng Shui reflects the right balance on energy ( Yin and Yang) while simultaneously ensuring harmony between the five elements – earth, fire, air, water and metal.  These elements make up the cosmic universe in which we live.

Beneficial  Feng Shui is created by managing the flow of energy in one’s environment, attracting good fortune – health, wealth, and happiness, to it’s residents.

If you would like to enhance the spirit of well being in your home, join me for the next few months.   I am going to be writing about my journey, learning about Feng Shui.  How it  has ensured my home is a wonderful place to return to, a  place that is replenishing and uplifting, a place of harmony.

Until the next time, have a wonderful week!