Jamie StevensonHello I am Jamie Stevenson, founder of Home on the Mend. Here is my background so you know a bit more about myself and my company.

One of the things that I really love about my work, is working with people using my creativity to help them realize their visions for their homes.

My creative journey started when I was very small and my grandfather gave me paper, pencils, and a paint set. I was excited and ready to create.

It wasnʼt until high school that I realized that my life was going to be tied to creativity. My grandfather started teaching me how to paint on Saturday mornings the summer before I started hight school. On sunny days we would paint in the driveway outside of his studio. I started by copying his paintings, and he would give me pointers and tips on how to make my paintings look more like his. It was one of the greatest treats of my entire life.

When I got to university I enrolled in the art programme taking: drawing, painting, sculpture, design, printmaking and ceramics. I had a wonderful time; every day was a thrill. In the summer, I worked in my Dadʼs architectural office as a draftsman where I learned about the building industry and how things were put together. This was also very exciting, and a whole new world to learn about.

After finishing my undergraduate degree in Calgary, I went on to graduate school in California where I earned a Masters degree in Sculpture and Painting.

My wife and I returned to Canada, Ontario, on the Niagara peninsula, where we set up a pottery shop and gallery. We ran our gallery and shop for 12 years before moving to Victoria with our three boys.

In Victoria we continued our art and pottery business for 6 years before economic conditions suggested we look at changing careers.

In 1993 I started Home on the Mend hoping to combine my creative skills with the architectural skills I had learned working in my Dadʼs office. I started by using my skills to repair and renew things that often wear out in homes. It wasnʼt long before my customers started to ask me if I could do “special projects”, custom things for them. This was really exciting as I could take my creative thoughts and work with them to build the special things they wanted in their homes.

The projects grew and soon I was doing kitchens, decks, bathrooms, suites, heritage restorations, and even a whole condo unit.

I have had the great good fortune to meet some wonderful people and be able to help them see their dreams and desires realized in their homes, to make them even more special.

If you have special plans for your home I would love to meet with you to see if I can help you make them a reality.

Just give me a call and we’ll go from there: (250) 595-8585.