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Creating Seamless Additions Gallery

Creating Seamless Additions Gallery

Creating Seamless Additions

My clients on this project have an old house with a lovely secluded back yard which they wanted to enjoy more of the time. As the house is an original Arts and Craft style they wanted the deck to blend with the house to continue the shingled Arts and Craft look.

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Victoria BC Home Renovation Testimonial

“Jamie Stevenson of ʻHome on the Mendʼ has done a number of building and renovation projects for us over the years, and he is the person we call when we have an idea for a large or small improvement to our home. Jamie is a skilled, respectful and very tidy workman, conscious of timelines and budget. Most importantly, he is creative, able to listen to our ideas, see the vision and make it a reality for us.

A recent project was a beautiful deck off the back of our house. We are thrilled with this new addition to our outdoor space! We use the deck for entertaining, family meals, a play place for grand children and just sitting enjoying the sunshine.

Jamie listened to our list of parameters and created a beautifully integrated, easy care structure that echoes the style of the house and adds space on various levels down to the lawn. We called him back a year later with an idea of adding a spa to the mix! He ably completed this request and we hosted the family reunion in August in our enhanced outdoor living area.

We are looking forward to our next project together!”



Benefits of Working with Us

Dedicated: I am dedicated to working on your project with as much commitment as I would direct to my own home.

Creative: With my 40 years of experience building, painting, sculpting, and printing I always see opportunities and solutions for creating completely compatible new spaces.

Integrity: building projects always create the opportunity to visit new ideas and I am committed to earning your trust and keeping your best interests as my primary focus.

Tidy: At the end of every day I clean up, stack wood, remove garbage so that my impact on your space is as small as possible.

Personable: I enjoy being optimistic, expecting the best and enjoying myself, so that I can positively impact everyone I contact.

Excellence: With every project I work to bring my best ideas to bear on your vision for your home.

Bespoke: Is a European term meaning exclusive, special, custom.  This is what I endeavor to do in each home and project I undertake.

Unique: Each home and family I team with is special and has unique desires and goals which I work to create with your direction.

Seamless Integration of New with Old

In every single project I strive to have the new work blend into the existing home in such a way as to be almost invisible to detect. On older homes this requires custom making of moldings and trims to match the existing, flooring to match existing widths, or even finding doors that match. Much of this can be done with recycled materials from salvage specialists.

One of the things that I most enjoy doing is creating new built in or free standing cupboards, cabinets or benches that match the existing pieces in the home. The new pieces can take advantage of the latest drawer slides and hinge hardware.

The deck and spa is an example of a project that was built in stages over three years. The deck addition was the first stage, echoing the shingles on the home and creating a wonderful outdoors space to enjoy a secluded backyard. The next phase was the spa area that was designed to tie into the deck and continue the sense of flow from the home to the back yard. It is essential to establish a good flow as that promotes the use of the new space.

Communication helps the ideas flow

My goal is to have you feel like you’re part of the team: informed of all decisions and progress. This starts with our first meeting, talking about what you would like to do and giving you the opportunity to find out about me and ask any questions about any phase of the project. When we have determined what you would like to do I create several choices for how this can be achieved. We discuss the merits of each option and then go with the one that is best suited to your vision.

With the building component I run through the various phases, what to expect in the sequencing of demolition, reconstruction, any sub trade participation, finishing, and clean up. Depending on your desires I can talk with you at the end or beginning of the day. I can give you a call in the evening and go over the activities of the day and what is planned for tomorrow. I have clients that live off the island and for them I take pictures with a brief overview of the activity and then send these off every 2-3 days.  This ensures that they can provide input and feel involved.

During the process there are many decisions to be made.  Whenever possible I will offer my suggestions on the benefits of various materials, products, fixtures, finishes. This will enable you to make the choices that are best suited to your project and budget. I like to think of this as a team effort where you have the opportunity to be an integral part of the decision making process.

Victoria Contractor Testimonial – LP

“I have had the pleasure of using Jamie ( Home on the Mend ) for several large renovation / home improvement projects at my 1916 James Bay Home. I was not able to be onsite for any of these projects. Jamie took the lead. He was on-sight, all the time, does his own ( amazing ) work himself ( with his son ) and treats every project as if he were doing the work on his own home. He communicated regularly by email with progress photos and updates.

He made great suggestions, from major structural to paint colors. He stuck to budget and time line. He even dealt with the tenants on several occasions during these renovations. I really didn’t think this kind of service was available in Victoria. When Jamie takes on a project, there is simply “ no worry”, and that kind of peace of mind is a rarity these days.”

L.P., Home Owner

New Faces for Old Spaces

New Faces for Old Spaces

My clients have a suite in their home and wanted to bring new life to their tired 1950s kitchen. They wanted it to look more contemporary and open. We sat down and talked about how we could maximize the space and also use contemporary materials. With this information I was able to create some sketches that illustrated what they were looking to achieve.

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Creating Special Spaces

Creating Special Spaces

My clients wanted to have a smaller space in Victoria, that they could lock and leave when they were off the island. They felt a condo would serve their needs and they wanted it to have all the special features found in a fine home. I talked with them to determine their ideas/wishes and then did a series of sketches that portrayed their thoughts.

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Adapting Existing Spaces to New Uses

Adapting Existing Spaces to New Uses

My clients love to have their children and grand children come together in their home for family gatherings. Their kitchen and dinning room were getting too small for the increasing numbers, so we started talking about removing a wall and creating a new space.

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