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“Your Happy Home” -The Entrances

I have realized that in writing this blog it is going to be a process where I am going to be telling you about my journey. It is going to be dynamic, and sometimes go in different directions. I believe this is how life is lived. Ideas and opportunities present themselves and we often act on them to see where they will lead us.
This struck me when I was entering our house and I started to “see” as opposed to looking at the entrance doors. I realized that they could use a “freshening up”. We live by the ocean, facing south, so the paint takes a real beating from “Mother Nature”.

We have a front entrance and two side entrances and they were all suggesting they needed a little freshening.
The entrances are the first things that speak about you and your home. They are an introduction to what will be found in the home. Will it be orderly, friendly, inviting, peaceful, replenishing? Are your doors painted or are they wood that has been stained? How does the door handle look? Does it have a feel of power and energy, does it suggest abundance and prosperity?

Well I found that I needed to repaint our doors and not only that, they needed to be stripped, primed, and then 2 good coats. Fortunately the weather was great, warm and sunny so the prep and the painting was pleasant. I did note that two of our door handles could use some up grading. They are old, so I have to decide if I can restore them or if I have to look at getting new hardware. I am always up for restoration, just need to source some parts and possibly tough paint.

While we are thinking about the doors and their hardware be sure to include the door bell, any hand rails, stairs and door mat. These components are part of the team and will be part of the energy flowing in your house.

Till the next time enjoy your home, look for the areas that make you feel at ease.

Your Happy Home

“Your Happy Home”

Do you have a house or a home?  When you walk through the front door are your spirits lifted, do you feel at peace, calm?  Do you know anyone who has a home that gives you this kind of feeling?

Would you like to learn how this is done?

Some people can get this feeling in their homes because they have a “magic eye”, they can choose the right color, they can put the chair in the right place, choose the right picture.  Another way to do this is through the study of “Feng Shui”.

Feng Shui is the practice of creating a happy living environment within the home – one that is positive and beneficial at all times.  The Chinese have known and  practiced this skill for several thousand years.

Good Feng Shui reflects the right balance on energy ( Yin and Yang) while simultaneously ensuring harmony between the five elements – earth, fire, air, water and metal.  These elements make up the cosmic universe in which we live.

Beneficial  Feng Shui is created by managing the flow of energy in one’s environment, attracting good fortune – health, wealth, and happiness, to it’s residents.

If you would like to enhance the spirit of well being in your home, join me for the next few months.   I am going to be writing about my journey, learning about Feng Shui.  How it  has ensured my home is a wonderful place to return to, a  place that is replenishing and uplifting, a place of harmony.

Until the next time, have a wonderful week!

Blog on the way

We’re just working on the first blog post right now…