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4 April 2012
Creating Special Spaces Gallery

Creating Special Spaces

My clients for this project have a very successful professional practice in Victoria but were spending more time on their projects off the island. They decided a condo which they could lock up and walk away from would be their week day base.

They wanted their work week condo to be a special place.  They wanted it to be much like the heritage home they had left, comfortable, rich with detailing, and an older refined look. We had lots of discussions about moldings trims and colors that could be used to create their new home. The kitchen was a high priority, the space was small, so it had to be efficient, with as much storage as possible. It also had to look rich and tie in with the trim elements in the rest of the condo. We worked together talking about how they were going to use the space and what they envisioned as the look. We got our plan finalized, I removed the old kitchen and started building the new one while the electrical and plumbing was being changed for the new kitchen. The drawers all used self returning hardware and the doors were all inset with traditional hinges. The cabinets were installed and a synthetic marble counter top was placed. The kitchen is small, very efficient and harmonizes beautifully with the rest of the condo.


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