Family Gatherings

16 March 2012
Family Gatherings

One of my long standing clients called me to ask if I might be able to help her with a problem. She had a large family which always met at her house as it was large and spacious. When it came to meal time, she had a table that could seat 10 but that was never enough, she needed around 14. Her rectangular table inhibited conversation, so she liked the idea of having a big round table so everyone could see each other. 
I suggested I could make her a table top that could sit on the existing table, would match the table and chairs and that could be stored when not needed. She thought this was a great solution, we determined that 14 places would be the goal. The table turned out to be 80” in diameter. I got 2 pieces of oak plywood, cut 2 half circles, laminated a new edge, shaped the edge, stained and finished the table. When the table top was placed it looked really wonderful. My client has told me that her family thinks it is wonderful as everyone can join conversations as they wish.


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