Fitting New to Old – Kitchen Renovation Gallery

4 April 2012
Fitting New to Old – Kitchen Renovation Gallery

Fitting New to Old

This project was in a house from the 1890s and my clients wanted the new kitchen to maintain a feel of the old house and they wanted a sense of a French country kitchen to remind them of their many trips to Provence.
The clients wanted to make the kitchen appear as if it had been in service for decades. They chose the colors and finish and I made it appear as though the kitchen had been well used. We chose Brazilian Cherry for the counter tops to echo the possible counter tops of a bygone era and bring a tremendous sense of warmth to the kitchen. The cabinets had to look as though they had seen years of use. This resulted in me starting with a darker color as an under coat, then the finish color being applied.  Finally the finish color was rubbed away at the usual wear spots. A clear finish coat was then applied to protect the look. I was able to remove vinyl and linoleum flooring to get back to the original fir flooring.  We patched and repaired the floor as required then refinished to complete the period look.



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