New Faces for Old Spaces Gallery

4 April 2012
New Faces for Old Spaces Gallery

Upgrading old to create a more contemporary look

My clients, as part of their upgrading program for their suite, wanted to make the kitchen space more useful with a more open feel. This kitchen had not been changed since the 1950s, so we had the opportunity to bring many new and contemporary ideas to the project.

My clients decided they would like a clean, modern, sleek look which featured bamboo and stainless. The new design was to include more storage, better traffic flow and a more open feeling. This was done by removing the existing archway, redesigning the cupboard placements, adding a lazy susan, better drawer systems and redesigned upper cupboards. I took the space back to the studs and sub floor. I could then upgrade the insulation, electrical service and plumbing supply and drains. We had planned for a range hood to help keep the cooking odors from moving throughout the suite. As this space had originally been a porch I had to adjust the floor joists to get things level before installing the new sub floor. I got the space ready for the cabinets, installed them and completed the space with a new prefinished hardwood floor. The drawers feature self closing hardware and the bamboo has beautiful exposed edges with a clear finish. My clients were delighted with the change: contemporary, open and clean.



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