Seamless Integration of New with Old

27 March 2012

In every single project I strive to have the new work blend into the existing home in such a way as to be almost invisible to detect. On older homes this requires custom making of moldings and trims to match the existing, flooring to match existing widths, or even finding doors that match. Much of this can be done with recycled materials from salvage specialists.

One of the things that I most enjoy doing is creating new built in or free standing cupboards, cabinets or benches that match the existing pieces in the home. The new pieces can take advantage of the latest drawer slides and hinge hardware.

The deck and spa is an example of a project that was built in stages over three years. The deck addition was the first stage, echoing the shingles on the home and creating a wonderful outdoors space to enjoy a secluded backyard. The next phase was the spa area that was designed to tie into the deck and continue the sense of flow from the home to the back yard. It is essential to establish a good flow as that promotes the use of the new space.

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