The Tree House

7 August 2014
The Tree House

One of the great pleasures of my business is that I get to do a wider variety of projects. On this particular project my client, Julian, was six years old and he had arranged with his Mom to have a tree house built. On our first meeting my client had done some drawings of what he wanted and was very proud to show them to me. We talked about the ideas so I would be clear with his wishes and then went out to check possible sites. The tree house was to have: a trap door in the floor, a drop down ladder, window holes, a pulley station and command desk.

The desired site would have the tree house built around a tree with two trunks. With everything settled I arranged a starting time and got my materials. Over the next few days I looked forward to talking with my client at the end of the day, discussing the progress. We developed a system using ropes whereby the ladder could be drawn up to restrict access, and the trap door could be opened before getting into the house.

Julian and his Mom were delighted with the finished house as was I. It was great fun.


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